IT Support

for small to medium business

IT Support
for small and medium businesses

Компютърна поддръжка


Абонаментна компютърна поддръжка

As a rapidly growing company with a focus on R&D and high-tech manufacturing, for us at IPS, quality IT infrastructure and its impeccable maintenance is a top priority.
We have an honest partnership and trust with the Geletron team, which we look forward to maintaining in the future. We have delegated to Geletron both comprehensive computer support and reliable data storage of operational and strategic order.
From the very beginning of our cooperation, they were able to propose and implement comprehensive optimization solutions, for which we are very grateful.
The results of the mutual work between IPS and Geletron speak for themselves – increased efficiency, security and a positive change in the company’s IT culture.

Alexander Rangelov - CEO, International Power Supply
компютърна поддръжка

We have been working with Geletron for more than 5 years.
We had bitter previous experiences with IT companies and it took time to trust them completely.
We rely on them to maintain our computer equipment and assist our employees.
We have trusted them with how our systems are to be managed, both in our head office and production facility. We insist on quick response and high quality service because it is directly related to our business.
Geletron meet all our requirements.
We are pleased with the partnership we have established.

Ivelina Mancheva - Administrative Director, Неофарм България
IT поддръжка

Geletron for us is a brand that we chose after an already established 10-year partnership and trust with its owner. The nature of our work, architecture and design, requires the use of powerful computer configurations and specialized software for graphic design, 3D design and architectural (CAD) programs. This requires specifics in IT support and increased demands on computer specialists. Sometimes we even depend on their technical solutions to keep the information we handle. And that is exactly why we thank Geletron – for staying with us and supporting us even in the most critical moments for the company.

It’s more than a partnership, it’s a business friendship!

Architect Yancho Angelov, Креарт БГ
IT поддръжка

The Geletron team has been maintaining the computer systems in our office for several years. We are pleased that the IT support for our business is in their hands and is of a very high standard. They are always quick to respond, explain things thoroughly, and try to suggest approaches that work for us and don’t complicate processes. We are reassured that our company information is securely stored.

We have already recommended Geletron and will continue to do so.

Veselina Tsvetkova - Manager, Бай Сърпрайз
IT услуги

The professionals at Geletron are truly top notch and are people with big hearts. We started working together on a project basis where the budget for computer support was symbolic. However, this was not at the expense of quality at all, and what they did exceeded our initial agreements many times over. It is important to us as a civil society organisation that administrative costs are kept to a minimum so that the funds can go directly to the children we work with in our programmes. We are very grateful that, with Geletron’s help as well, we are able to fulfill this mission.

компютърна поддръжка

We met Geletron in a series of problematic situations that we didn’t have the resources to handle. Due to a computer network failure at the facility, the ability to see patients was suspended. The timely response of the Geletron team made this period as short as possible. Subsequently, on their recommendation and with their execution, the entire computer network was reconstructed, and without interrupting our operations.
For any IT issues we turn only to Geletron!

Vladislav Nikolov - System Administrator, Mедицински център “Лора”
Изграждане на мрежа

Geletron are the kings of smart technical solutions with proven efficiency! We have turned to them on several occasions for expert advice and subsequent implementation of improvements. They made a special network solution for us with a built-in VPN, which guarantees security and convenience in our work. Thanks to them, we now have file sharing organization via a dedicated drive and data backup so we have no losses.
You guys are great!

Ready for Life Team, Ready for Life

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